German Bundesliga Week 33 Borussia Dortmund vs Wolfsburg

  • Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr


    Soccer Betting: We are down to the final two fixtures of the Bundesliga campaign, and despite Bayern Munich being title holders, there is still much to decide at both the top and bottom of the table. All nine matches in the round will be playedon Saturday, as they will be next weekend, too, when the season comes to a close for Round 34.

    The featured match of the round comes at Volkswagen Arena, where Wolfsburg will be hosting Dortmund. This puts two clubs on the pitch who still have work to do to secure European positions in the table. Wolfsburg sits alone in second place ahead by two points over Gladbach, although Wolfsburg has clinched a Champions League group stage no matter how they finish out.

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    Dortmund is the club who has fought back from the bottom of the table early in the campaign, to now only be two points behind the Europa League positions.

    The fight for the right to stay in Bundesliga at the bottom of the table is arguably the big story as the season winds down. Five clubs sit only two points apart, and three of them will not survive the campaign.

    Let's get to the pitch, and see what we have in store on the German pitch this weekend.

    May 16- 9 All Matches

    Featured Match Borussia Dortmund vs Wolfsburg

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Dortmund +185

    Wolfsburg +140

    Draw +270


    Dortmund Pk +105

    Wolfsburg Pk -125

    Total 3:

    Over -105

    Under -115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Dortmund continues to get results, and they come off a 2 - 0 win against Berlin over the weekend that now puts them only two points behind Schalke for Europa League qualification that comes with 6th place in the table. The best The Black and Yellows can do is crawl into fifth place, as they only are back three points of Augsburg as well. That fifth spot comes with Europa League group stage entry, so there is plenty of reason to hope for the six points still available in the last two fixtures.

    Wolfsburg has clinched Champions League group stage, and is really not in need of any results down the stretch. Unless, however, they see an advantage from finishing in second place, which has no more impact than third place, regardless.

    We are going with the Dortmund Pk Draw no Bet action here at +105, simply because the Wolves have nothing to really gain, and we know Jurgen Klopp wants to see his club finish strong and earn a European position for next season, despite him already announcing he will not be with the club next year.

    Hoffenheim vs Bayer Leverkusen

    3-Way: 1: Hoffenheim +625 Away ; X: +415 Draw ; 2: Leverkusen -245 Home

    Spread: Hoffenheim +1.5 -130 ; Leverkusen -1.5 +110

    Total 3.5: Over +115 ; Under -135

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Hoffenheim's loss to Frankfurt last weekend pretty much sealed the fact that they will not be reaching Europe next campaign. Leverkusen's loss to Gladbach last weekend had a similar effect, since now they can basically be happy with Champions League qualification round entry with fourth place in the table. Leverkusen would need Gladbach to lose both matches, while they have to go 2 - 0 to steal away the third spot that has CL group stage entry. The odds of that happening are slim to almost none, so we simply expect these two to go out and fill the net with goals.

    The line setters expect it as well, with a 3.5 on the total to go Over, although offering a +115 on the action. This should be a 2 - 2 type of match, so why not splash the pot with an Over 3.5 play here at +115!

    Hannover vs Augsburg

    3-Way: 1: Hannover +210 Away ; X: +260 Draw ; 2: Augsburg +125 Home

    Spread: Hannover +0.5 -145 ; Augsburg -0.5 +125

    Total 2.5: Over -135 ; Under +115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Hannover is one of those five clubs we mentioned in the opening who are battling to survive in top flight. They are tied with Freiburg and Paderborn at 31 points, and only Stuttgart is behind them on 30 points. Hamburg and Berlin are not totally safe either with 32 and 34 points respectively, so there are potentially six clubs at the bottom of the table who are needing results in the final two rounds.

    Augsburg took a 1 - 0 win at Bayern Munich last weekend, although they did get to play 75 of those minutes at 11 vs 10, after Bayern keeper Pepe Reina was sent off with a straight red card in the 13th minute.

    Augsburg missed the ensuing penalty kick, but did manage to find the net in the 71st minute to earn three points.

    Bayern was also preparing for Barcelona in Champions League this pastTuesday, although the lineup Bayern put out for Augsburg was still formidable.

    At the edge of our comfort zone, the -135 on this total to go Over the 2.5 is the play we will offer. Hannover is certainly desperate, and Augsburg still has their own work to do to secure European positioning, so we see a 2 - 1 match coming here.

    Paderborn vs Schalke

    3-Way: 1: Paderborn +440 Away ; X: +320 Draw ; 2: Schalke -165 Home

    Spread: Paderborn +1 -130 ; Schalke -1 +110

    Total 3: Over -105 ; Under -115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Schalke has done nothing to deserve a -165 price, even at home. They have let opportunities pass them by the entire second half of the campaign, and now they could potentially be completely out of the Europa League scene for next year.

    Paderborn can't stop anyone, and it is why they are going to be sent down most likely at year's end.

    Another Over attempt goes in the books here, as each club has their own reasons for needing a huge result, and sitting back with bodies behind the ball is not an option for either of them.

    The Over 3 at a reasonable -105 makes the board in this one.

    Koln vs Mainz

    3-Way: 1: Koln +280 Away ; X: +245 Draw ; 2: Mainz +105 Home

    Spread: Koln +0.5 -125 ; Mainz -0.5 +105

    Total 2.5: Over -105 ; Under -115

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Koln is simply playing better football than Mainz, and even though both clubs have nothing to gain or lose, we expect that Koln should be the club to keep getting results.

    Yet again Mainz showed us that they have no interest in league play, losing to Stuttgart last weekend in a match they could have at least tried to score, as evident from the whole two shots they cared to put on net.

    The price on the Koln Pk Draw no Bet is listed at +165 as we submit this article for the site, and that is the best spot in this match to find some value.

    Frankfurt vs Hertha Berlin

    3-Way: 1: Frankfurt +290 Away ; X: +265 Draw ; 2: Berlin -105 Home

    Spread: Frankfurt +0.5 -115 ; Berlin -0.5 -105

    Total 2.5: Over -135 ; Under +115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    At least Frankfurt is the club on the pitch at Olympiastadion that knows where the net is, and when this line came out with a +0.5 on the Eagles, we knew that was the spot where we were going to recommend a play.

    Berlin has struggled all season finding the net, with only 35 goals scored in 32 matches played.

    Grab that handicap line of +0.5 on the away side in this one, and expect no worse than a draw to cash the ticket.

    Bayern Munich vs Freiburg

    3-Way: 1: Bayern -200 Away ; X: +330 Draw ; 2: Freiburg +600 Home

    Spread: Bayern -1 -120 ; Freiburg +1 +100

    Total 2.5: Over -140 ; Under +120

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Bayern is not going to see an important match again this year, although they did give their home crowd one last chance to see a big game in Champions League this week. The 3 - 2 result looks okay on paper, but when they went down 2 - 1 early, their European campaign was finished when they were down 5 - 1 on aggregate, although they did score twice in the second half.

    Freiburg is another of the three clubs on 31 points at the bottom of the table, and they need every point they can find to hope to not be sent down to second tier.

    We expect a good bit of players to sit this one out for Bayern, so they can finish their season at home next weekend to celebrate the season with their fans.

    We are going to suggest the Freiburg +1 at even money in this one, strictly out of necessity for the home side to also play for their fans for the last time this campaign.

    Moenchengladbach vs Werder Bremen

    3-Way: 1: Gladbach -125 Away ; X: +295 Draw ; 2: Bremen +330 Home

    Spread: Gladbach -0.5 -125 ; Bremen +0.5 +105

    Total 3: Over +100 ; Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    We mentioned that there is an outside chance that Gladbach can be caught by Leverkusen in the table, but making up five points with six available is not likely going to happen.

    Gladbach should surely take this opportunity to leave no doubt and clinch their position this weekend against a Bremen club who is still in this fight as well.

    Bremen used a great second half run to climb back in the race, and has just a good a chance as Dortmund to catch Augsburg and Schalke in the Europa League positions. Only two points behind, Bremen certainly will hope their final home game of the campaign can be a good one for their fans, and their season.

    This has a low-scoring draw type feel to it, as that is all Gladbach really needs to do, and their defense is certainly capable of going out and shutting anyone down.

    We are suggesting this Under 3 at -120, agreeing with the line setters that we will likely not see much scoring here.

    Hamburger vs Stuttgart

    3-Way: 1: Hamburger +385 Away ; X: +295 Draw ; 2: Stuttgart -140 Home

    Spread: Hamburg +0.5 +120 ; Stuttgart -0.5 -140

    Total 2.5: Over -135 ; Under +115

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Maybe this should have been our featured match of the week, since it is a match with two clubs sitting two points apart at the bottom of the table. Well, we won't go that far, but this is about as important as it gets for each of them, knowing that one more loss with one match left next weekend will surely hurt someone's chance to stay in top flight.

    How many goals could we see here? Five? Maybe six?

    We see this as a wide open match, with two desperate clubs going out and putting it all on the line, so move this total to the Over 3 and get +110 or so for your trouble.

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