Bundesliga Week 32 Bayer Leverkusen vs Moenchengladbach

  • Thursday, May 7th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr


    Soccer Betting: We are down to the final three fixtures of the Bundesliga campaign, and outside of Bayern Munich clinching the league title, all the other 17 clubs in the league have something to play for this weekend. Seven points separate 6th to 12th in the table, which means that seven clubs have the potential for Europe, albeit that is a tough request for the clubs like Mainz, Koln and Frankfurt who are certainly on the outside looking in entering the round.

    The round startson Fridayat Imtech Arena, with Hamburg hosting Freiburg, and both clubs are only separated by a single point for the last demotion position in the table. That makes this heads-up match all that more important. Whomever comes away with those three points has a leg up on staying out of relegation.

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    Our featured match of the weekend happenson Saturdayat Burussia-Park, where Gladbach will be hosting Bayer Leverkusen. Both clubs sit two points apart for third and fourth place in the table. What's the difference? The difference is either group stage or qualification stage for Champions League, although they have both already clinched the top four in the table, no matter what happens below them.

    TwoSundaymatches will finish out Round 32, as Koln will host Schalke and Wolfsburg will face Paderborn, and each of those matches also holds importance for European contention.

    Let's not waste another second and get to the German pitch.

    Friday, May 8- 1 Match

    Freiburg vs Hamburger

    3-Way: 1: Freiburg +245 Away ; X: +255 Draw ; 2: Hamburg +115 Home

    Spread: Freiburg +0.5 -135 ; Hamburg -0.5 +115

    Total 2.5: Over -120 ; Under +100

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Hamburg and Freiburg have plenty of work left to do with the nine available points in front of them, and this heads-up match will do wonders for the club that takes three points.

    Freiburg finds themselves in this position mostly due to their road woes this year. They only have two wins away from Mage Solar Stadium on the campaign.

    Hamburg has a respectable home record this year, securing 19 of their 31 points in the table.

    With that said, we will expect both trends to continue and attempt a play on the +115 on the home side 3-Way line, expecting Hamburg to follow up their two successive wins.

    Saturday, May 9- 6 Matches

    Featured Match Bayer Leverkusen vs Moenchengladbach

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Leverkusen +195

    Gladbach +150

    Draw +235


    Leverkusen Pk +105

    Gladbach Pk -125

    Total 2.5:

    Over -105

    Under -115

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Gladbach has lost just once this year in their 15 home matches, while Leverkusen has won eight of their last nine games and are coming off a 2 - 0 win over Bayern this past weekend.

    We knew Leverkusen was going to have a decent chance to win last weekend, with Bayern having clinched the title, having a Champions League match on deck this week to boot.

    Gladbach at home is too much to resist, and the Pk Draw no Bet line of -125 on the home side goes in as our suggestion for the match. Both clubs are playing exceptionally well, and this could certainly be a draw as well, but with only one loss at home, we will not expect that to hit a crooked number this weekend.

    Hertha Berlin vs Borussia Dortmund

    3-Way: 1: Berlin +1150 Away ; X: + 490 Draw ; 2: Dortmund -375 Home

    Spread: Berlin +1.5 +100 ; Dortmund -1.5 -120

    Total 2.5: Over -140 ; Under +120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    We know that Jürgen Klopp is stepping down at year's end, but Dortmund still has a goal to chase, and has only three points to make up on Augsburg, despite being 2 points behind Werder Bremen and a point behind Hoffenheim.

    Thomas Tuchel has already set plans for next year. He spent the last five years at Mainz, but after asking the organization to be released early, Mainz refused to terminate his contract, and the speculation still lingers about how and why he left.

    Berlin is not exactly safe with only 34 points, and has not won in their last four outings.We expect Dortmund to come out and fly around this Berlin club, leaving no doubt to the effort that they will make to try to sneak into European contention.

    Move this total to a straight 3, and get about +115 for your efforts, depending on the time you get the play in, and any line movement during the week.

    Hoffenheim vs Frankfurt

    3-Way: 1: Hoffenheim +150 Away ; X: +270 Draw ; 2: Frankfurt +170 Home

    Spread: Hoffenheim Pk -115 ; Frankfurt Pk -105

    Total 3.5: Over +115 ; Under -135

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Hoffenheim could potentially jump all the way to the fifth spot if a few minor miracles come their way. Four points with three matches to go is not exactly an obstacle that is seen as unable to pull off, but they will have Leverkusen on deck next weekend.

    Frankfurt sits in the 12th spot in the table and, in reality, it can go either way in the table with nine points available. At 36 points, they are a mere six points above relegation, and are seven points behind European contention, so their fate is in their own hands to an extent.

    We are surprised to see a 3.5 on the total, and are wondering if the line setters are tipping their hand a bit. These two are not exactly strong offensively, and neither has done much scoring lately.

    The Hoffenheim Pk Draw no Bet action is likely the best play to make here, so the -115 on the away side Pk goes in the books.

    Augsburg vs Bayern Munich

    3-Way: 1: Augsburg +525 Away ; X: +320 Draw ; 2: Bayern -180 Home

    Spread: Augsburg +1 -115 ; Bayern -1 -105

    Total 2.5: Over -120 ; Under +100

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Since Bayern has the title secure, it is official that Bastian Schweinsteiger is the most decorated German footballer in league history. He has now been on eight league title teams, and has also won seven DFB Cups, giving him 15 trophies to go along with a World Cup title that just came in 2014 in Brazil.

    Oh, right, there is a game to play, so let's talk a little about that. Augsburg holds the sixth position in the table which comes with Europa League qualification, but with only one win in their last seven, things are not looking good for them to hold on to it. That lone win came against Stuttgart, who we see alone at the bottom of the table.

    With Bayern losing 3- 0 to Barcelona in Champions Leagueon Wednesday, there is a likelihood that Coach Guardiola will sit as many players as he feels necessary. There is nothing left to bother with in league play, and we know Augsburg has plenty to play for, so we will take this Over 2.5, expecting a wide open match.

    Werder Bremen vs Hannover

    3-Way: 1: Bremen +270 Away ; X: +285 Draw ; 2: Hannover -105 Home

    Spread: Bremen +0.5 -115 ; Hannover -0.5 -105

    Total 3: Over -115 ; Under -105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    This match holds some pretty big implications for both clubs, with Wolfsburg trying to keep grasp of the two spot while Hannover sits with 30 points, tied with Freiburg in the last two relegation positions.

    With each club desperately understanding that a loss could hurt either of their causes, the Over 3 is an easy choice here at -115. This is, at worst, a 2 - 1 match waiting to happen, so a push would not be the worst result on the total here.

    Mainz vs Stuttgart

    3-Way: 1: Mainz +270 Away ; X: +285 Draw ; 2: Stuttgart -105 Home

    Spread: Mainz +0.5 -115 ; Stuttgart -0.5 -105

    Total 2.5: Over -140 ; Under +120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Stuttgart might be about done with top flight, although there is still potential to get out of the basement.

    Stopping someone might do well to help the battle, but they have simply not been able to figure out the defensive issues all campaign.

    We know why this total is offered at -140, and there is no need to settle for that. Move this total to a straight 3 to go Over, and get the price worthy of the action at +115 or so, again depending on any line movement as the weekend gets closer.

    Sunday, May 10- 2 Matches

    Schalke vs Koln

    3-Way: 1: Schalke +165 Away ; X: +225 Draw ; 2: Koln +185 Home

    Spread: Schalke Pk -115 ; Koln -105

    Total 2.5: Over +115 ; Under -135

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Well, Schalke finally broke out for three goals last weekend as we expected they would, because Stuttgart, as we mentioned, can't stop anyone. Now they run into a Koln club who has played three straight low-scoring draws. Just because we got away with the Over last weekend with Schalke, doesn't mean that it lets us forget that they too have been struggling finding the back of the net lately.

    There is plenty of value in this draw at +225, and we will make a rare suggestion towards that offer in this one.

    Wolfsburg vs Paderborn

    3-Way: 1: Wolfsburg -150 Away ; X: +320 Draw ; 2: Paderborn +400 Home

    Spread: Wolfsburg -1 +105 ; Paderborn +1 -125

    Total 3: Over -115 ; Under -105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    This is yet another match with two clubs who need these three points for entirely different reasons.

    Wolfsburg has two clubs behind them by only four points, and they could potentially fall from second to fourth in the last three fixtures of the season if they are not careful. Taking advantage of having Paderborn should be seen as a spot to take three points, since Paderborn has surrendered 59 goals this campaign, and are only a point from the danger zone.

    We assume that Paderborn will come up with some type of battle, but it will not be enough, and there is no way the Wolves can lose this one in our opinion.The problem is the lines, since a 2 - 1 win for the Wolves would not amount to much if we take the -1 and the Over 3. Let's go with the Over 3 at -115 in this case, because Paderborn might just come up with something at home, and we know Wolfsburg should find the net a time or two here.

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