2014 Winter Olympics Betting - Total Gold Medals by Country

  • Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

    By  Tom Wilkinson

    Olympics Total Medals

    2014 Winter Olympics Betting: The Winter Olympics get underway in force on Saturday with a number of events. There are a number of options on the board at BetDSI sportsbook for betting on the Olympics including odds on how many gold medals each country will win. Norway is the favorite to win the most gold medals and their medal total is listed at 11.5. You can bet over or under that number. You can also bet on other countries and their medal totals including the United States which has a total listed at 10.5 and Russia with a total of 7.5.

    Let’s look at all of the totals on the board for each country to win gold medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

    Total Gold Medals Won by Country at the 2014 Winter Olympics

    Norway 11.5 over -137

    United States 10.5 over -137

    Canada 8.5 over -150

    Germany 8.5 over -120

    Russia 7.5 over -115

    Austria 5.5 over -110

    Netherlands 5.5 under -150

    South Korea 5.5 over -120

    China 3.5 under -145

    Switzerland 3.5 under -125

    France 3.5 under -110

    Sweden 2.5 under -125

    Finland 1.5 under -200

    Australia 1.5 under -160

    You can also bet on the total number of medals won by country. In this case the United States will likely have the highest total since they won the most overall medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The U.S. did not, however, win the most gold medals four years ago.

    If you are looking for some wagers for countries to win the most gold medals then there may be some value on Germany who did really well four years ago. They have a gold medal win total of just 8.5. Also worth a look is Canada with a win total of 8.5. They are getting some action in 2014 Winter Olympics betting as they are -150 to go over that total.

    Check out all of the latest 2014 Winter Olympics odds available at BetDSI sportsbook and for more sports betting picks, be sure to read the BetDSI blog.