Super Bowl Odds - Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos Favored as NFL Playoffs Begin

  • Tuesday, December 31th, 2013

    By  Tom Wilkinson

    Denver Broncos

    Super Bowl Odds: The NFL Playoffs begin this weekend with the Seattle Seahawks the top seed in the NFC and the Denver Broncos the top seed in the AFC. Those two teams are also the favorites to make it to Super Bowl XLVIII. Each team is listed with odds of about 2.5-1 at BetDSI sportsbook. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are the clear favorites as the second choice in the betting is the San Francisco 49ers and they are actually a Wild Card team.

    Here is a look at Super Bowl odds for each of the 12 teams.

    Denver Broncos 2.5-1

    The Denver Broncos will have home field advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs. They have the best offense in NFL history led by quarterback Peyton Manning. The one concern if you bet this team is that Manning has not had a great deal of success in the playoffs.

    Seattle Seahawks 2.5-1

    The Seattle Seahawks have home field advantage in the NFC. They have a great defense and the best home field edge in the NFL. The one concern is that they don’t have a potent offense and if a team can shut down Marshawn Lynch the team is vulnerable.

    San Francisco 49ers 7-1

    The San Francisco 49ers will have to go the Wild Card route if they are to make it to the Super Bowl but it has been done before and this team nearly won the title last year.

    New England Patriots 9-1

    The New England Patriots get a first round bye and this team knows how to win.

    Carolina Panthers 10-1

    The Carolina Panthers have a first round bye but they do not have any playoff experience.

    Green Bay Packers 14-1

    The most dangerous team in the playoffs might be the Green Bay Packers as they now have a healthy Aaron Rodgers.

    Cincinnati Bengals 15-1

    This team always seems to lose in the playoffs but they do start at home as they host the San Diego Chargers.

    Philadelphia Eagles 15-1

    It is all offense and very little defense for this team but they are exciting to watch.

    New Orleans Saints 20-1

    This might be the other team to watch in the NFC as they have a proven winner in Drew Brees and a coach that knows how to win in Sean Payton.

    Kansas City Chiefs 25-1

    It is hard to see this team doing much with a weak offense but they could win on Wildcard weekend in what is almost a toss-up against the Indianapolis Colts.

    Indianapolis Colts 25-1

    This team has Andrew Luck and a lot of heart. That probably won’t be enough to get them past a team like the Denver Broncos on the road in the second round.

    San Diego Chargers 40-1

    This team might be able to pull off a surprise or two now that the pressure is off after making the playoffs.